Copa-Cogeca to Host FIGARO Project’s Closing International Conference in Brussels

13 Sep 2016

European Farming body Copa-Cogeca will host the closing conference of the FIGARO Project in Brussels on September 19, 2016. 

The event, which will be held at Copa-Coqeca’s offices, will present the successful project’s outcomes and the benefits of using the FIGARO Platform to potential end users and promoters of precision irrigation.

The Figaro Project is an EU-funded international project focused on developing the new precision agriculture Decision Support System (DSS) to improve irrigation management for increasing water productivity.

Field tests of the DSS, carried out in six countries over a period of three years, indicate that the FIGARO platform can provide significant water and energy savings while leading to increased production and yield.

The conference will feature a number of presentations for a wide variety of interested parties, including farmers, agricultural advisors, agro-industry representatives, and EU-officials.

The FIGARO Platform was tested in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Denmark and Israel on tomatoes, maize, potatoes, citrus and cotton crops. 

The results show that the FIGARO platform offers excellent decision support for managing irrigation and lowers uncertainty for the farmer regarding water use and expected income. By analyzing accurate, real-time information about soil, crop and weather conditions, the system can provide optimum irrigation scheduling. 

The FIGARO platform collects climate, soil and crop data captured by soil water sensors and meteorological stations, which is then fed into weather forecasting, hydraulic and crop models using real-time and forecasted data. 

The platform provides accurate recommendations on how much and when farmers should irrigate. 

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